Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tubing the Atlantic

Struggling today - can't get things to go quite right - started this in acrylic and just decided to stay in acrylic. I'm happy enough with the results - if you saw what I didn't finish - you;d understand!


Christine said...

Do you get Robert Genn's newsletter? The other day he wrote about the Japanese principle of Mujo and Mikansei...they refer to transience and uncertainty and the state of being incomplete (as a final result)...He said (more or less) "in our innate human desire for perfection we can forget the hand of the artist, even the struggling hand and the poetic justice of paucity. There is an innocent beauty in this piece and certainly a feeling of joy.

Tonya Bates said...

One of my teachers at the National Academy talks about the learning process that we must go through. She says we should be prepared to use "miles and miles of canvas" in our journey toward becoming artists. Keep painting. Even the greatest artists didn't produce great paintings all the time. It's about the process. Learning. And as my spinning instructor says "constant forward motion." Keep painting !!!!